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If the words quality, hotel and cheap seem like exclusive search terms which will never correlate to you, you’re not alone. However, that luxury hotel room isn’t out of your reach! Get onto Holidestination NOW! If you know when to book and where to look, it’s very much possible to find a great room for much less than the usual rate. Determined to check out that lavish hotel everyone’s been talking about? One way to discover low-cost alternatives is to look at the right time. Do the words “last-minute deal” ring a bell? Paradoxically, booking your room at the last-minute may work in your favour as it is in the hoteliers’ best interest to fill as many rooms as possible every night: a room that has been booked at a discounted rate is not as great a loss as an empty room after all.

Dream big, think small: Where to look for cheap rooms?

While it feels great to save on multi-star-rated rooms, there’s more to travelling on a budget than finding the best deal on the most extravagant and well-known hotels. The big hotel chains are have reputations for being comfortable and accommodating, but they’re not your only options: contrary to the well-known adage, sometimes, smaller is better. Boutique hotels, for instance, are known for providing memorable, but comparatively low-cost experiences with the additional benefit of being unique and cozy. Travellers looking to for the five-star treatment without the five-star costs should take a break from the usual hotel experience and consider these more independent establishments. For an even more personalized and intimate experience at a fraction of the costs typical of large chains, consider lodging at smaller places such as inns and bed-and-breakfasts. Often family-run or small businesses, these home-sized accommodations are the perfect option for those who want to be treated less like guests, and more like visiting friends. After all, however well-attended-to guests at larger hotels may be, it can’t compare to the warmth with which visitors to these small-scale operations are received. Of course, the often more wallet-friendly rates are nothing to scoff at either—you may discover that the cheapest hotel option is not a hotel at all but a local bed and breakfast! It used to be the case that only those with contacts within the industry were privy to hotel deals. These days, all you need is the willingness to do a decent internet connection, some hotel know-how, and some patience. Holidestination has the hotels you need!

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